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Covid-19 FAQ

What's Happening?

How Does This Effect Me?

What Are Zero Contact Deliveries

Are You Still Delivering to Remote Areas?

Will It Take Longer For My Order to Arrive?

Do I Still Have To Pay For Deliveries If I Am Not Able To Collect?

What If I Can't Pay For My Order Online

General Questions

What's Kiln Dried Firewood and Why Should I Buy It?

How Much Wood Will I Get In My Order?

How Do I Know What To Order?

What’s The Difference Between Your Briquettes and Kiln Dried Wood?

Where Does Your Wood and Products Come From?

What Is The EcoFamily Program and Why Should I Sign Up?

How Should I Store My Firewood?

What are EcoBriquettes and Heat Logs?


How Do I Place An Order?

I Need To Change Something In My Order How Can I Do This?


What Are Your Types of Delivery and How Much Does It Cost?

Do You Deliver to Northern Ireland?

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Can I Collect My Order From Your Depot?

I Won’t Be Home When My Order Is Scheduled For Delivery

Where Is My Order?


I Am Returning Empty CityBags, How Do I Claim My Refund?

I’m Not Happy With My Product, What Can I Do?


How Can I Make a Payment For My Order?

Can I Pay Upon Delivery of My Order?