Does wood briquettes makes a better stove fuel?


Does wood briquettes makes a better stove fuel?

In this series of blog posts, let us share our thoughts of why we think it is more cost effective and there are more long term benefits to use compressed wood briquettes in your wood burning stove than actual kiln-dried hardwood.

Again, this only our opinion and we still love our kiln dried firewood.

In short, the compressed wood logs may come in many shapes, round, octagonal with different price range and performance varies. Unlike firewood, the finished compressed logs are produced product and are made of wood chips or sawdust. Names like Beech, Oak or hardwood, may indicate the type of wood that was used of making the briquettes. 

Something to note is the way compressed Wood Briquettes are sold. Wood Briquettes value is measured in weight and calorific value. Basically, the number of logs per package should not be your main feature when deciding of purchasing Wood Briquettes. The 5 log backpack could as well be  6 kilograms or 10 kilograms. You should learn the product weight first, to determine what is the overall value of the purchase.

Longer Burning Time Than Kiln Dried Wood

A good grade wood briquette (2kg) with moisture low as 6% and high density will replace you on average three kiln dried hardwood logs.

The bulk size of compressed wood logs, usually a tonne, will far more exceed the calorific or heat value than an equivalent volume of kiln-dried hardwood.

That said, it would take on average three hand stacked cubic meters of kiln-dried hardwood to replace a single tonne of HQ wood briquettes.

The short summary. Can we honestly blame anyone for choosing Wood Briquettes over a still superb wood fuel like kiln dried firewood.


You Just Saved More Storage Space

Would you take our word if we told the Wood Briquettes will cut your storage needs in half?

Yes, that right!

You can save on more storage space by storing Wood Briquettes vs traditional firewood.

But why is that?

Well, with more calorific value stored in a single log in general, therefore a lot less bulkier the end product.

In the photo below, you can see real 1:1 ratio of our one tonne pallet of Eco Briquettes and 2m3 hand stacked firewood.


What About Environmental Impact

As supporters of sustainable energy, we also believe in environmental impact.

With our firewood being sustainably sourced and produced, we still believe the wood briquettes can be a better example of how we access and use natural resources today. 

What's great about sawdust as a bypass product, you can't get to it unless one new commodity is created and with "wood waste" created you now can begin re-producing the sawdust into a compressed wood briquette.

All sawdust for our wood briquettes products Eco Briquettes and Beech Wood Logs are collected from a freshly produced wood boards that will further be used in manufacturing furniture and construction in general.

By understanding the process behind the wood briquette, it will give an entirely new concept of how we perceive this product.


What About The Practicality

Practicality will either make or break any product. At first, you will notice the handling of wood briquettes will be much cleaner. Less dust on your clothes and hands, the wood briquettes makes an excellent choice fuel product for people with allergies to dust or if you prefer something clean in your house.

A lot faster handling too. Do you recall we mentioned the storage space earlier? Fewer logs will create less work with moving your wood briquettes in the storage.

How about we reveal to you the best feature yet!

Yes, close to zero percent ash content!

Just imagine your first impression after using Wood Briquettes with close to zero percent ash content. With such a low ash volume, you will find less work to clean the ash out and a bonus, lower chimney sweeps throughout the year.

More to add, because the wood briquettes are made of natural material like wood, all the ashes that left, can now be re-used as the compost for your garden or if you prefer recycled in your brown organic waste bin. 

The conclusion

By giving each tree a second life and recycling the best, we are on the curve of learning to use natural resources a more sustainable way. With that said, we indeed believe, the compressed wood briquettes is the solid fuel of today and future. 




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  • Must sawdust briquettes be used on their own in stove or can they be mixed with tiff briquettes or coal?

    Eileen Lyons on
  • Another big plus of fire wood briquettes in Ireland is that they are sealed against moisture ingress and will not take in moisture even if stored in somewhat damp conditions unlike logs which can absorb moisture from our highly humid climate if not stored in a very well sealed and dry store.

    Michael on

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