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Have You Met John?

As you know, we're on a bit of a mission to set some new standards for others to follow, and that starts with making the fuel industry more sustainable.

To do this, we surround ourselves with the best kind of people. Not only is a dedication to the cause an absolute must, but you also need to be top of your game. So when we went about looking for an Operations Specialist, we knew we needed the cream of the crop, and then we were lucky enough to find John Byrne.

John has a massive 22 years of experience to bring to the role. From years spent helping to make Diageo the company they are now to his own work as a consultant and business operations specialist, John worked in nearly every industry under the sun and brought that wealth of knowledge to help EcoFuel be the best we possibly can be.

(You know how it can sometimes be, you get so carried away changing the world one wood briquette at a time that you forget companies need someone keeping the show running in the background!)

John is delighted to be on board, when I had the chats with him to introduce him to you all he had this to say…

“Ireland needs a company that’s sole focus is to create a sustainable source of fuel that’s environmentally neutral and combats climate change. From the minute I started speaking with the team, I saw something special here but it's hard to pin it down. It's the whole package - the sustainability, the focus on the customer, and the sustainability are all massive. But really it comes down to the team and the long term vision. There's a real passion about the work we do, and I'm excited to be part of the journey."

EcoFuel founder Janis is equally thrilled to have someone on board to help steer the EcoFuel ship to bigger and better things…

“They say the teamwork makes it dream work. The whole team at EcoFuel has been extremely excited to welcome John to our growing team as Operations Manager. We never kept this a secret from anyone that growth has always been one of our big ambitions, and we always tell ourselves, why not make this another great Irish success? With John coming on board, we'll have the experience that a young company needs, and it's one of our missions to continue to innovate in the sustainability space, and operations are crucial to make it a success.”

From all of us in the EcoFuel family: Welcome to the team John!

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  • Ordering has been seemless and was on my request followed up by telephone contact from company. Delivery due much sooner than originally anticipated. Looking forward to our first delivery. More anon. Martin

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