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Stand with Ukraine

We all stand united!

The recent war in Ukraine has shown that peace can't be taken for granted and that bullies on a state level still exist!

The sheer bravery of the Ukrainian people and their country leaders has given me hope that the good can win over evil and that nations and people can unite and stand against the bullies despite their nationality, religion or personal beliefs.

In the last two weeks, the world has just shown that!

The aggression by Putin and his Kremlin in Ukraine in 2022 seemed unthinkable. Yet, it is happening, and only a little over 30 years ago, my stepdad and our work colleague at Ecofuel, Guntis, lived most of his early life under the Soviet occupation.

More than ever, Europe and the world need to stand firm and be united. 
Let's all stand up for democracy, freedom and show our support to Ukraine in the best way to our abilities. 

The Founder,
Janis Vitols


Photo by Gayatri Malhotra


  • Well said, Putin is nothing more than a war criminal now and I hope he is dragged to The Hague . Seeing how brave our Ukrainian brothers and sisters are us inspiring and heartbreaking.God be with them . At the end of the day it’s good versus evil. We all share this planet , regardless of location , religion, language or skin colour we are all brothers and sisters . This is a crime against humanity and I hope he pays dearly for this. He’s nothing only an evil cowardly man . Love to Ukraine 🇺🇦

    Frank on
  • Well said.

    Mary Joyce-Glynn on

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