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Tiny Changes: Biodegradable Plastic

  • by Leanne Conroy

By now you know all about our Tiny Changes!

We’ve done QA Tags to show you the quality of your wood, Wild Flower Seed Bombs to bring some food to the bees, and we became a WEEE Drop Off location! 

Recently we’re looking at our supply chain and the Tiny Changes we can make there for a big environmental impact. Most recently we’ve introduced our new Pallet Lids to reduce plastic, but we knew there was room to do more.

Delivery is at the core of what we do. Getting your wood to you in one piece and in it’s usual excellent condition is the very least you expect from us when placing your order. In the delivery industry the standard way to keep your orders together and protected from the elements is, unfortunately, plastic wrap.

We didn’t like it but for awhile we went along with the status quo because “that’s how it’s done”, but now we’re finished with that and making one of our most exciting changes yet: Biodegradable Plastic Wrap!!

Ok, I understand it might not sound that exciting to your average guy or gal, but this is a pretty big game changer if you’re sustainably minded in the delivery industry! 

To us this means that whenever we have to send deliveries out with our third party couriers we are protecting your order with the most environmentally friendly option we have at our disposal while reducing the single use plastic we put out. 

If that’s not a good day at the office then I don’t know what is!

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