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Summer collection - charcoal and firewood

Late nights and sunsets. Long, lazy barbecues and drinks around the fire pit. Our full range is available all year, but here are our picks for the perfect summer days. And nights.

For the barbecue, break up one or 2 Waxies firefighters amongst your Marienburg charcoal. Zero additives mean delicious healthy restaurant-style food.

For the fire pit, mix a few Eco Briquettes or PiniKay logs with some kiln-dried hardwood for a long-lasting fire with mesmerising flames. We love the birch and ash but if you're cooking on your fire pit, it's hard to beat the flavour of grilling over oak embers.

Tiny Changes

At ECOFUEL, we not only embrace sustainability, but we build it as part of our culture. It begins with our products and transitions across the operations.


At ECOFUEL, service means serving products with a greater purpose. It also means being part of the community and serving them well.


The people are what makeup ECOFUEL. Seven nationalities and growing, all with different backgrounds working together to make a positive change.