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Organic Lumpwood Charcoal

Made from FSC certified hardwood, prepared by slowly burning out the moisture in a near zero oxygen chamber. This charcoal has no chemicals or additives included to help ignition so it is entirely natural. Leaving no odors or tastes on your food, just classic BBQ cooking.

Comes in 3.6KG Alder, 8.5KG Oak, and 10KG Birch bags.

"First time using the organic charcoal yesterday to cook steaks and we could tell the difference straight away. They lit really easily and the smell of just the coals burning was totally different to cheap briquettes. They cooked our steaks beautiful. Can’t wait To have a full on family BBQ"

-Jackie R.

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Normandy Beech Wood Briquettes

Made from PEFC certified Beech Wood bypass these logs are and easy switch to make your kitchen more forest friendly without compromising on quality. Their octagonal shape means they won't roll around in your oven while their dense composition means they retain amazing heat for longer.

Comes in single 12KG boxes or in 72 box pallets

"I was struggling to get and maintain good pizza cooking temperature with local bought logs but using these briquettes was like night and day, great long lasting heat, super job!"

-David L.

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Kiln Dried Firewood

Welcome the change to sustainable fire fuel with our Kiln Dried Firewood. Sourced from FSC managed forests and dried to perfection, our logs will help you rediscover your fire.

Comes in Ash, Birch, or Oak Hardwoods and in Single or Double Deck sizes

"Being conscious of the impact burning fuel in my stove has on the environment, I feel reassured this is a good option. I am so surprised of the much smaller amount of ashes I accumulate, I really like the scent from the wood and enjoy the warmth".

-Helen J.

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ECOFUEL™ PiniKay Heat Logs

Made entirely from compressed PEFC sourced Oak and Beech Hardwood sawdust. PiniKay Heat Logs are supremely dense so give out better heat than traditional peat briquettes while leaving less clean up and being forest friendly.

Comes in single 12KG bales or 96 bale pallets.

"Excellent briquettes. Great heat from them (much more so than peat), provide a brilliant base for timber, no unnecessary plastic wrapping and more sustainable than turf. Will be getting more in the future"

-Richard C.

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ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes

Our EcoBriquettes are sourced from FSC certified Aspen Hardwood bypass so they are entirely forest friendly. Dried and compressed to less than 6% moisture content they will light easily, burn amazingly, and leave little ash behind.

Comes in single 15KG boxes or pallets of 6 boxes

"Eco briquettes are the best briquettes we have ever used they burn for ages and the heat from them is excellent. They are so easy to store and to lift from the garage into the house with no mess and little fuss."

-Denis F.

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