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"Every ECOFUEL product is natural and suitable for cooking, but Normandy Briquettes are explicitly designed with cooking in mind."

Normandy Briquettes

Made from PEFC certified Beech Wood sawdust Normandy Briquettes have long been used in commercial wood-fired kitchens. Their octagonal shape means they won't roll around in your oven, while their dense composition means they retain incredible heat for longer. 

They are an easy switch to make your kitchen more forest-friendly without compromising quality.

Dan, the head chef at Fade Street Social about Normandy: "I've been using the briquettes for the last two years from Ecofuel, their product is unbelievable good. Delivery is always on time and very quick response.''  

Normandy Briquettes comes in a clean recyclable 12kg box with 72 boxes per pallet.

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"Beech wood can smoulder like an incense stick, giving off a herbal aroma similar to camomile tea."

Lumpwood Charcoal

We are what we eat, so we made our charcoal from FSC sourced wood that’s also organic. Meaning it comes with no binders, additives or chemicals, so you get natural, healthy flavours.

Over the years, we have worked with many Chefs and BBQ enthusiasts, and this is how they describe lumpwood charcoal. Because it retains the shape and character of the natural source of wood, it adds all that flavour back to the food, making it unique and the final ingredient.

"First time using the organic charcoal yesterday to cook steaks and we could tell the difference straight away. They lit really easily and the smell of just the coals burning was totally different to cheap briquettes. They cooked our steaks beautiful. Can’t wait To have a full on family BBQ"

-Jackie R.

Available in 2.5kg & 6kg Alder, 8.5kg Oak, and 10kg Birch bags.

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"Thanks to its high levels of polysaccharides, alder gives off a sweet scent, almost like the effect of dropping sugar or honey into the barbecue."

Kiln Dried Firewood

Welcome the change to sustainable fire fuel with our Kiln Dried Firewood. Sourced from FSC managed forests and dried to perfection, our logs will help you rediscover your fire.

All our firewood is hardwood, meaning it's the best type for burning in stoves and commercial ovens.

"Being conscious of the impact burning fuel in my stove has on the environment, I feel reassured this is a good option. I am so surprised of the much smaller amount of ashes I accumulate, I really like the scent from the wood and enjoy the warmth".

-Helen J.

Available in Ash, Birch, or Oak and in Single Deck®, Double Deck® and City Bag® sizes.

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Kiln Dried Kindling

Not all kindling is the same!

We made ours from premium grade pine & spruce woods recovered from newly produced building materials that failed to meet the original high standards.

By tightly hand-packing the kindling into cardboard boxes that go in your green bin, we eliminated the plastic nets everyone else uses.

''This kindling works really well to get a fire started and I also love that it comes in a cardboard box now - it's far easier to remove it from the packaging when needed and better for the environment than plastic.''

Sinead C.

Both kindling and packaging are FSC certified and come in a neat hand-packed 3kg box that's also recyclable.

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