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ECOFUEL™ Birch Wood Fire Briquettes. Pallet of 60 boxes

€1,020.00 EUR €1,200.00 EUR

or €1.06c per KG

"Absolutely thrilled with the birch briquettes... amazing heat and minimal ash! The heat was so intense the back boiler nearly burst!" - Marie.

Product Information

  • No trees were cut down to make them. These guys were made from reclaimed Birch sawdust. 
  • Forest friendly and sustainably sourced. (Learn more here)
  • A recyclable box weighs 15KG, so they're easy to move about. 
  • Logs are 26cm long and have a 9cm diameter, and break into three pieces easily.
  • We fit 8 logs into a box, and they're easy to store at 38cm x 28cm x 19cm.
  • A whole pallet has 60 boxes. That's 480 logs which means LOADS of toasty fires.
  • A pallet of these babies measures 114cm wide x 155cm high x 76cm deep, so check you've space in your shed first!
  • Super dry for a perfect burn (less than 6% moisture content), so it lights quickly and leaves hardly any ash.
  • Works in your stove or open fires and even outdoors.
  • Damp logs make a sad fire. Keep them somewhere dry for happy crackling. 
  • Deliveries can be a little tricky if you have a gravel drive or cattle grates. Drop us a call, and we'll talk you through it.

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