Fad Saoil Saunas - A Longevity Story

Fad Saoil Saunas - A Longevity Story

Feb 15, 2024Marc Eglon

In an exclusive interview, we sat down with the visionary behind Fad Saoil Saunas, Steve Crosbie, as he shares his insights into the why’s of sauna bathing, the benefits of cold therapy and his journey along the way.

Combining the rich tradition of Finnish saunas with the warmth of the Irish culture, Fad Saoil Saunas aims to “communicate, educate and inspire communities about the powers of the sauna”. Meaning “longevity” in Irish, one of the main health benefits of sauna bathing, the Fad Saoil Sauna experience is diverse throughout its various locations in Ireland. Whether you’re at Clontarf Rugby Club in Dublin, tranquil Salthill in Galway, or down by the seaside at Greystones in Wicklow, it’s the perfect place for connection, health and relaxation.

Coming from a rugby background, Steve was surrounded with the benefits of sauna bathing and cold therapy throughout his life. For Steve, “the obsession” came from the “extreme contrast” of heat and cold - which he discovered as a potent combination that offered not just physical rejuvenation but also a profound “mental reset”. As he was leaving the rugby world he went back to college to do a research project on sauna health benefits and sports and exercise management, giving him the chance to “live out a second dream” by opening Fad Saoil Saunas in 2019.

Beyond the therapeutic benefits, Steve loves the social aspect of sauna culture. No longer just for those that “are educated with their recovery protocols”, sauna sessions have become as “common as going for a cuppa coffee or a pint with your friend”. Seeing themselves as the “new pub in Ireland”, it’s a melting pot where diverse individuals gather, each with their unique stories and perspectives. As Steve puts it, “Everybody is different in the sauna, and that’s the magic of it”. In the sauna, conversations flow freely, fostering community, clarity and inner calm.

Opening up about his personal journey, from professional athlete to business owner, Steve shares the fears and mental health challenges he faced, giving the viewer his powerful decision making technique and how he came up with the mantra of “embrace the unknown”. His story is a testament to resilience, determination and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams.

Immerse yourself into the longevity story of Fad Saoil Saunas and gain a new perspective on how to ignite your own inner fire, overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

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