No nasties, just real chunks of wood for your barbecue.

Natural. taste. BBQ.

We asked ourselves, why go the length and cook on lumpwood in the first place?

At our core, we believe nothing quite compares to the experience of savouring some delicious, high-quality BBQ cooked on natural lumps of wood. It's more than just a meal - a celebration of flavour and tradition. That's why we take our commitment to providing high-quality natural lumpwood seriously.

​Experience an unparalleled flavour by learning the secrets of lumpwood for your BBQ.

From first-timers to professional kitchens.
For vegetables & seafood.

Imparts a Subtle Smokiness

With a delicate smoky flavor that pairs well with their natural sweetness.
For grilling steaks & burgers.

With Natural Smoky Flavors

That enhances the taste of the meat, giving it a delicious BBQ flavor.
For smoking ribs & briskets.

On a Low Roasting Fire

With consistent heat over long smoking sessions.
Garreth W.Happy customer in Dublin

" Been trying different named & less names brands to find some proper lumpwood charcoal that wasn't in small, flaky pieces. This stuff is brilliant. "

Yvonne M.Happy customer in Dublin

" The initial lighting up was a little smokey but the charcoal ignited quickly and was immediately very effective. We thoroughly enjoyed the char-grilled flavour. It’s a nice clean product. "

Tracey M.Happy customer in Galway

" Easy to buy and arrange pick up. Had a lovely chat with the warehouse person - didn't catch their name - about BBQing etc. Overall very positive experience and glad to support a local business. Quality of the product is brilliant and I'll continue to use it regularly. "

How is lumpwood made, and how do you turn the blocks of logs into BBQ lumpwood?

In short, it starts by sourcing hardwood from responsibly managed forests and then transforming the logs into pure carbon through controlled heating and carbonization, resulting in a natural and flavorful fuel for BBQ cooking.

A lumpwood that's been and seen places.

From your next-door neighbour's garden to large festival parties.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our lumpwood

Lumpwood charcoal is a type of charcoal made by burning hardwood logs in the absence of oxygen, resulting in pure carbon chunks. Unlike briquettes, which are compressed charcoal dust and additives, lumpwood charcoal is all-natural and contains no fillers or chemicals.

It burns hotter and faster than briquettes, with a cleaner smoke profile and a more authentic wood flavour.

To light lumpwood charcoal effectively, use a chimney starter filled with charcoal and place newspaper or natural firelighters underneath. Light the newspaper or firelighters, and the heat will quickly ignite the charcoal. Once the charcoal is glowing red and covered with ash, carefully pour it into your grill or smoker.

Avoid using lighter fluid, as it can impart a chemical taste to your food.

Lumpwood charcoal is excellent for grilling a wide range of foods, including steaks, burgers, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Its high heat output and natural wood flavour complement these foods perfectly.

For longer cooking times and smoky flavours, lumpwood charcoal is also excellent for smoking meats like ribs, brisket, and pork shoulder.

Temperature control with lumpwood charcoal is achieved by adjusting the airflow in your grill or smoker. Open the vents for higher temperatures and close them partially for lower temperatures.

You can also create indirect heat zones by stacking charcoal on one side of the grill and placing food on the other. Adding or removing charcoal as needed will also help regulate the temperature.

Many producers of lumpwood charcoal prioritize sustainable sourcing practices by using responsibly managed forests or reclaimed wood from other industries. Look for certifications such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or Rainforest Alliance to ensure that your lumpwood charcoal comes from sustainable sources.

Additionally, lumpwood charcoal produces less ash and fewer emissions than briquettes, making it a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option for outdoor cooking.

From a company that has values.

In today's world, companies have a greater responsibility and obligation to comprehend their sourcing practices. They must obtain raw materials or products in a way that reduces environmental impact, upholds social and ethical considerations, and guarantees long-term sustainability for both ecosystems and communities.

100% FSC® Certified.

100% FSC® Certified.

ECOFUEL™ Organic Lumpwood is made of 100% FSC® certified materials. When you purchase FSC-labelled products, you’re helping forests and the communities who rely on them. Our FSC® certificate number is SGSCH-COC-140013.
1% for the Planet.

1% for the Planet.

We joined 1% for the Planet in the summer of 2023 because we wanted to do something about the state of the Irish wilderness, once covered in 80% forest. Now, working with our new ecological partner, Hometree, we've adopted our first or many acres of their Wild Atlantic Rainforest Project.
We're a Sedex Member.

We're a Sedex Member.

We've been a Sedex member since 2021. Sedex membership supports businesses in their journey towards ethical and sustainable sourcing practices by providing tools, resources, and connections to drive positive change throughout the supply chain.

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