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Spring & Summer 2024

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Our team is always here to help you out with any questions or phone orders from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., except on public holidays.

Our contact number is +353 91 444 760 or send us a message.

Exclusive free local delivery service is available for orders over EUR 99 and more within a 30km radius from our Ware+Store® locations in Galway and Dublin.

T&C Apply.

The offer is valid until 31 July 2024.

A 30km radius is calculated from the shipping address.

Our website calculates free shipping based on Eircode and travel distance.

Our nationwide delivery service is operating as normal throughout the summer, and your order will be delivered within the specified time frame at the time of ordering. 

Our Ware+Stores are closed from 1 April to 31 July for visits and pick-ups.

The pickup service is closed and not available until 31 July.

Please select Free Local Delivery. T&C Apply. 


EcoBriquettes and Heat Logs can be referred to as wood briquettes and can technically be described as compressed sawdust logs made from sawdust as a byproduct™. Our partner sawmills often produce wood-based materials for further production and accumulate sawdust as waste. The waste sawdust is then directed into the production of wood briquettes.

There are different manufacturing processes and engineering, hence different shapes and sizes of wood briquettes.

Kiln-dried can be referred to wood that has been controlled and mechanically dried in thermally insulated chambers to draw out the excess moisture content from the wood. As a result, kiln-dried firewood will burn more efficiently and cleaner, making it a better product than seasoned wood in wood-burning appliances.

At ECOFUEL, the quality standard for kiln-dried firewood is less than 15% moisture content for the guaranteed best burning experience.

Selecting the fuel for your first order can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. For your peace of mind, all our products (only a handful) are designed to work in most appliances and will burn slightly different, depending on the specie of the wood or the shape and size of the briquette.

We have created the introductory to ECOFUEL™ bundle.

There is no single answer to this question. Instead, let’s take a look at the two categories of our products and look at the energy output, aesthetics, and the source of raw materials. The aesthetics of firewood is more prominent, and yes, you get that natural look of wood, but then the wood briquettes are produced from often wood that’s a bypass product at the sawmill.

Both types can generate a near equal energy output measured in kWh/kg, with wood briquettes producing slightly more energy per kWh.

We recommend storing both firewood and wood briquettes in a weatherproof and dry environment. Any direct contact with water or high humidity for a long extended period will result in the loss or reduced output of the product.

All wood briquettes should be stored indoors if possible but always in a dry space. Due to their compact nature, the logs can absorb moisture very quickly, causing them to expand and make them hard to use later.

EcoFamily is our loyalty & rewards program. By joining the EcoFamily program, you can earn points (EcoCoins) every time you shop with us, plus many more ways to earn, including signing up, writing reviews and even referring friends, to name a few! The EcoCoins can then be exchanged in the form of a discount on your future orders!

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Orders & Delivery

You can place your order online or contact our customer support team to help you take your order manually over the phone.

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Our retail partner's network is growing organically alongside our Ware+Stores®, which also serve as distribution and retail locations.

Find the nearest location.

After your order is received, it’s then moved to the fulfilment process. Our Order Management team will review the order and the delivery address and plan the best possible delivery route from the nearest Ware+Store®.

Yes, you can make changes to your order in the first 24 hours or before the order is progressed to fulfilment. We recommend contacting our customer service team as soon as possible so we can help edit the order before your order is fulfilled and delivered. No changes to the order can be made after the fulfilment.

To track the status of your order, just open the chat window (the little green button at the bottom of this page) and select Track my order.

Due to the personalised nature of our delivery service, we will always contact you in advance to share a date with an ETA when your order is scheduled to arrive.

Our concierge trolley delivery service, The Final 40FT®, and pallet delivery are available.

The Final 40FT® is reserved for non-pallet and smaller bulk orders. In contrast, pallet delivery is reserved for all pallet orders or orders sold as a pallet.

Pallet Delivery is reserved for all pallet orders or orders sold as a pallet and is managed with a large truck of up to 45ft size trailer and pallet truck to manoeuvre the pallet.

Orders delivered as Pallet Delivery are delivered to your address but will not be stored for you. We may also reference Pallet Delivery as kerbside delivery.

The Pallet Delivery is designed for large and heavy orders that often require transportation in heavy trucks and can arrive with trucks with 45ft size trailers.

The process looks simple in theory but can quickly turn into a disappointment if there is limited access to the property or don’t have solid flat concrete or tarmac to operate the pallet truck to move the pallet to the final destination. To speak about your delivery requirements, please contact our customer team, using the chat button at the bottom of this page.

Our current lead time for home delivery is up to 5 Working Days.

If there is a delay in our fulfilment and delivery network. The customer team will notify you immediately of delays and the expected delivery date.

Not every delivery needs a customer to be present if the storage requirements can be agreed upon and arranged in advance.

The customer team will work with you to accommodate your schedule when delivering orders. However, this may require us to reschedule your order to a different date or change the delivery method.

Yes. You can return your empty CityBags on your future re-order as long as they are in good re-usable condition!  Exclusive to EcoFamily members, you will be rewarded 100 EcoCoins on your EcoFamily account for every returned bag that meets the quality standards.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, please notify us right away after you have received your order. We offer free 30-day returns and a full money-back guarantee as our return policy. We strongly recommend you inspect your product thoroughly on delivery and make any issues known to your delivery driver to be noted on your delivery docket.


ECOFUEL™ is an Irish renewable fuel brand founded in 2014 and an alternative fuel to fossil fuels like coal and peat.

As part of the Tiny Changes movement, since 2019, we have eliminated over 90% of single-use plastic from our supply chains by introducing new recyclable packaging solutions and reducing the amount of plastic used in our operations.

We are searching for new ways to replace and remove single-use plastic in the remaining sections of our business and are using biodegradable plastic where possible.

Outside the products we sell, we have made many small changes in our day to day operations and improved for better how we do business. Some might look tiny, but we know we can make a massive difference on a larger scale and length of time.

In 2020 we went paperless in our internal fulfilment and deliveries operations by utilising the technology for all the processes that come to fulfilment.

We understand it’s a gradual step. Our ultimate goal is to become carbon neutral and carbon negative by optimising our operations, using new technology, and being involved in forestry projects by planting trees.

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