Introducing EcoFamily

The ECOFUEL rewards and referral community.

We’re really proud of our community of customers. People come back to us not just because we sell great firewood (that’s the very least you can expect) but because we share the same values… sustainability and bringing people together.

Thanks to our customers' word-of-mouth, our story has spread like a ripple effect, and our homegrown Galway company now fuels the fire for thousands of homes across the 32 counties in Ireland.

We introduced EcoFamily, our community that rewards you for being part of it.

Just a little something to say thank you.


Earn EcoCoins when you shop.

When you create an account with us, you'll automatically be added to EcoFamily, and you’ll get 500 EcoCoins to get started. You can redeem those immediately for a €5 discount code on your next purchase. 

You’ll also earn EcoCoins whenever you make a purchase in-store or online. You can then redeem your EcoCoins for discounts and other rewards whenever you shop at Ecofuel.

  • Earn 1 EcoCoin for every €1 you spend in-store or online.
  • Earn 100 EcoCoins for writing a product review once you have made a purchase.
  • Earn 100 EcoCoins for submitting a photo (we especially love seeing pictures of roaring fires and sizzling barbecues).

You can always see the current rewards available inside the EcoFamily widget on our website.

We’re also working on introducing new ways to earn EcoCoins, so make sure you sign up so we can keep you updated by email.


Turn your EcoCoins into Rewards

Convert your EcoCoins into a discount code to use at checkout, at a rate of 100 EcoCoins per €1.

Convert EcoCoins.

Use the slider to adjust the amount you'd like to convert.


For example, Imagine you have earned 765 EcoCoins. You can redeem 700 EcoCoins to get a €7 discount code that you can use at checkout. The remaining 65 EcoCoins will remain in your balance.

Simple, right?

And it means it’s easier to convert your rewards into real savings when you shop, rather than waiting to hit certain thresholds.


In-store discounts with EcoCoins

If you prefer to visit our store, you can now use EcoCoins for an in-store discount.

EcoCoin balance Equivalent in-store discount
500 EcoCoins
€5 discount
1000 EcoCoins
€10 discount
2000 EcoCoins
€20 discount


Give €20. Get €20.

Invite Friends and Earn Rewards

EcoFamily members get a personal referral link to share with your friends.

They’ll get a €20 discount to spend within 30 days and you'll receive a €20 voucher when they do

And... You can share your personal discount as many times as you like. We'll keep giving you both €20, every time a new friend joins.

You have a whole year to redeem your rewards before they expire.

Join EcoFamily.