In 2005, aged 19, Founder Janis Vitols left his hometown of Liepaja, on the western shores of Latvia for the western shores of Ireland and fell in love with Galway, which is now home. It’s also home to our little firewood company, now in its tenth year.

But we’re no ordinary firewood company.

We’re here to make great fuel sustainable.

And we’re obsessed.

To make fuel sustainable, we have to start with great fuel.

Otherwise we’d never stand a chance.

But along the way we unlocked a secret...

We cut the moisture content in our kiln-dried logs so they burn more efficiently. This reduces smoke and improves air quality, making them more sustainable.

Our most sustainable product turns wood waste into next generation heating briquettes. We engineered these EcoBriquettes with single-digit moisture levels, which gives them enormous energy output.

The secret... As it turns out, sustainability and performance are one and the same.

No More Plastic

By 2019, we were 5 years into our journey and had already began to lean into the ‘eco’ part of our name. We’d cut our product lineup to focus 100% on sustainably sourced kiln-dried logs and the new generation of briquettes, made entirely from waste wood.

Since then, we’ve replaced all our plastic packaging with cardboard. Part recycled, 100% recyclable.

Carbon Neutral

Because all our fuels are made from nothing but 100% wood, they’re carbon neutral. There’s no denying that wood and charcoal releases carbon dioxide as they burn. But since our products are from sustainably managed sources, carbon dioxide is reabsorbed in the next generation of trees, as part of the natural carbon cycle.

We can’t change chemistry. What we can change is leaving coal and peat in the ground so we don’t add ancient stored carbon into the atmosphere, or destroy precious ecosystems.

Image c/o Hometree

Restoring Ireland’s Native Rainforest

We joined 1% for the Planet in 2023 as a way to contribute to ecological projects in Ireland.

And we’ve partnered with Hometree on their ambitious project to restore 4,000 acres of Ireland’s native rainforests, that once covered 80% of this little island we call home.

Thanks to our customers, 1% of every purchase helps us support the forest. One acre at a time.


When it comes to environmental impact, a sure-it’s-grand mentality doesn’t cut it.

FSC® Chain-of-Custody

FSC® Chain-of-Custody

With the FSC® label as the world’s most trusted mark for sustainable forestry, it made every sense for us to become the stewards of the forests, join FSC® as an organisation, and obtain our very own FSC chain-of-custody certification.
Ready To Burn Certified

Ready To Burn Certified

The Ready to Burn mark is used for identifying certified firewood and kindling that have a moisture content of less than 20%. It also applies to accredited wood briquettes that have been tested to BS ISO 17255-3 standards.
We're a Sedex Member

We're a Sedex Member

We've been a Sedex member since 2021. Sedex membership supports businesses in their journey towards ethical and sustainable sourcing practices by providing tools, resources, and connections to drive positive change throughout the supply chain.

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