Back to the Forest

A Latvian Story

As the country of origin for 100% of our kiln-dried logs, and our EcoBriquettes, it's about time we explored the Latvian forests.

So in October of 2023, we filmed our expedition into the woods.

For Janis, our founder, it was a return to his childhood. For Marc it was a glimpse into how it can work when a country respects the forests with the reverence they deserve.

Where Ireland has lost touch with our forests, Latvia gives us a roadmap to reconnect and promote sustainable forestry.

The forest provides
the clean air, the habitats, the shelter

From beach to beach, the towering trees stretch into the clouds
trunks the girth of oil barrels
that for a moment replaced them
but not all
for some, the forests remained.
… reverent and proud

As we return to the forest, the paths lead us.
a journey of adventure,
of challenge,
of bewilderment.
No longer the memory of childhood fairytale
but the lived folklore of today,
of tomorrow

The forest shows us the way.
No longer shall we fill the skies with ancient carbon,
stirring ghosts of life that lived epochs ago

The forest shows us the way,
that with respect,
with humility,
taking less than we give,
the forest will provide once again

Replanting Ireland's Forests

We're committed to helping restore native Irish forests through rewilding projects.

So from 2023, 1% of every purchase supports environmental partners through of membership with 1% for the Planet.