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We Are FSC Certified

As you know, we’re hell-bent on sustainability.

Now we have the FSC® licence to back it up and you’ll start seeing our FSC® logo appear on certified products.

ECOFUEL FSC License C178321

What does FSC mean?

FSC is the Forestry Stewardship Council. They pioneered and became the trusted authority for sustainable forest management. You’ve probably seen the little FSC® tree logo on products everywhere.

Any wooden or paper-based product bearing that little stamp of approval means that it originated in a responsibly managed forest.

Part of all this is our COC certificate. COC stands for Chain of Custody. It means we’re responsible for tracing our products right back to the forest. It’s on us to make sure that every company or factory in our supply chain that processes the raw materials and products is also approved by FSC. 

The important part… all this must be documented and audited. It’s a rigorous process, especially for wood briquettes that are made from sawdust-as-a-by-product, which comes from multiple sustainable sources.

What FSC means for ECOFUEL customers?

Wherever you see our FSC badge on one of our products, you can trust that we can trace it all the way back to a well-managed source.

Bigger picture, as we all demand better standards of sustainability when we shop, it forces companies to adopt FSC certification. Because it’s the de facto worldwide standard, FSC is a trusted way for companies to trade responsibly with one another. When one company adopts FSC, it trickles down through their supply chains too, encouraging more companies to adopt FSC accreditation. It’s a virtuous cycle which promotes responsible forestry.

What’s next?

We’re delighted to have the FSC licence. It means we have the right procedures in place. It's a great start but our COC certificate doesn’t cover everything yet. Now our goal is to get all our products certified and we’re working with suppliers and factories to build sustainability into our products.

Besides, we’re always making tiny changes. We’d just like to leave the world a little better off than we found it.

You can see our FSC certificate on the ​public FSC database by searching for ECOFUEL or our licence number (FSC-C178321).