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After you place the order, you'll receive a confirmation email with your order number and purchase information. Behind the scenes, we will work out the logistics and dates to make your delivery as smooth as possible. When we have a date and approximate time for your delivery, our order team will contact you to ensure you know first-hand about the planned delivery date.

We have a few delivery methods available, depending on what you’ve ordered and where you live, and we’ll advise you on what is best for your situation.


1) Nationwide Pallet Delivery

This is our standard delivery method for all pallet orders. Your order will be delivered within 5 working days after your order is received.

It is important to note that this type of delivery will not be unloaded and stored for you. Delivery is completed when the product has been dropped off in a safe place at the specified delivery address and signed for by the customer or their representative.

Most pallet deliveries are carried out by our distribution partners in 18-tonne delivery trucks. If you believe a truck of this size will not be able to make delivery to your area, please contact us to see if alternative delivery arrangements can be made before placing the order. Often there can be limitations with residential deliveries made with large transport trucks, so any information you can provide will help us to work out the best solutions. 

Important to note that all our pallet deliveries are performed with a hand pallet truck, and it doesn’t operate on gravel or ‘chipping’ driveways, so it is important that you tell us in advance so it does not delay your delivery time.


2) Concierge Trolley Delivery (The Final 40FT®)

Our Concierge Trolley Delivery is based on what we call The Final Forty Feet®. This is the distance between when our delivery van arrives at your address and where your firewood is stacked and stored. 

With The Final 40FT®, our delivery team member will unload your order and place it in your shed or garage or wherever we can have access to our hand trolleys. This type of delivery works specifically well for harder-to-reach locations or where it’s not possible to go with the hand pallet truck and a pallet.

Sometimes (very rarely), it isn’t possible to provide the Final Forty Feet service on every order, especially for more remote areas, where we need to use an outside courier. But we’ll always let you know in advance, and we’ll work out the best delivery option for you.


Our Current Delivery Rates

Your Spend

Delivery Method



Concierge Trolley Delivery



Concierge Trolley Delivery



Nationwide Pallet Delivery

€35 (per pallet)


Returns & Refunds

We hope you will enjoy your purchase, but if there is anything you’re not satisfied with, for your peace of mind we offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee on all orders and that includes free returns.

We encourage you to inspect your order upon delivery with the driver present to ensure everything is at a satisfactory level and you are happy with your purchase.


Last updated: July 2022