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ECOFUEL™ Organic Lumpwood Charcoal

€9.90 EUR

Made For BBQ Lovers ❤️

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An authentic flavour starts with lumps of natural wood.  Perfect choice for grilling the likes of fish, steak and fillet whilst imparting a slightly sweet, subtle flavour.

    The obsessives have always known that lumpwood is the only way to cook. And it’s only when you use lumpwood yourself, you realise the difference.
    Nothing gets in the way of your food flavour. Our secret is to air-dry the wood before going into the kiln. Then it’s roasted in low-oxygen to burn off everything else but pure carbon lumpwood, ready for cooking. You can see the grain and rings in the wood. There’s no smell, petrochemicals, binders, or additives, just chunks of natural alder wood charcoal.

    Alderwood is one of the most sustainable choices for producing lumpwood charcoal. A short life span of up to 60 years, it’s also one of the fastest-growing trees in Europe. Alder wood can grow in height up to 60cm per year and is native to almost all continental Europe.

    We strive for sustainability and transparency, and this product is FSC Certified, meaning we, as FSC certified company hold an entire chain of custody. Therefore, we can trace the product back to the origin of the forests.

    Our FSC license code is FSC-C178321.

    This organic lumpwood charcoal can last up to 2 hours on the BBQ grill and maintain high temperatures. The energy content per kWh/kg is currently not available.

    The lumpwood charcoal can be used in BBQ grills or kamado grills, including The Big Green Egg. You can light your charcoal using nothing but newspaper, a match, or 1pc of our WaxiSticks natural firelighters.

    More often than not, using the lighter fluid will impart a gross, chemical flavour on anything you throw on the grate and will completely ruin the point of using organic lumpwood charcoal.

    We created the design for the bag with an idea to add more good vibes to your BBQ party and something that looks classy in a garden, and with leaves of Alderwood on a bag, we are showcasing the origin of the product.

    Available in 2.5kg & 6kg bags, the charcoal is packed in a brown recyclable cardboard bag.

    As alder lumpwood charcoal is so light, and we pack them by the kilo, you will find our bags much larger in size!

    We recommend that you store the charcoal in a weatherproof and dry place. Any direct contact with water or high humidity for a long extended period will result in the loss or reduced output of the product.

    Making fuel sustainable

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