Sustainable Firewood for Saunas

Saunas are the secret source for heart health, sports recovery, overall vitality, and state-of-mind.

Now you can support these health-giving benefits of sauna by choosing high-performance, low-impact kiln-dried firewood and briquettes.

You never really know how good something is until you experience it yourself.

The kiln-dried birch works great in our saunas and Ecofuel go above and beyond. Their education around choosing firewood and the new air quality regulations shows a genuine passion and knowledge. And using sustainable fuels is a huge part of our vision for Fad Saoil.

Steve Crosbie - Fad Saoil Saunas.

ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes. 960kg Pallet - ECOFUEL™
Ultradry. Ultimate Sustainability.


Made from 100% recovered sawdust from hardwood, briquettes are ultradry with a moisture content typically below 10%. So they're easy to light, virtually smokeless and they leave very little ash. Perfect for saunas. All natural, no additives, no plastic packaging.
double deck kiln dried logs
Sustainably sourced.

Kiln-dried logs

Harvested from sustainably managed forests and kiln-dried to below 20% moisture (usually below 15%) our birch, oak and ash hardwood logs create extra warmth and redefine traditional firewood. Birch is commonly used for the beautiful flame.

Easy to light. Smokeless. Low ash.

Ultradry for a hotter, cleaner fire and cleaner air

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ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes. 960kg Pallet - ECOFUEL™
€695.00 EUR €1,120.00 EUR
ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes. 960kg Pallet
Save €425.00 EUR
ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes - ECOFUEL™
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Waxies Firelighters -

Like your sauna, water content is critical.

Well dried hardwood is the least polluting solid fuel around but unseasoned wood is just as polluting as coal and peat. ECOFUEL is registered with the EPA under the solid fuel regulations, which requires moisture below 25%. But for us, that’s not enough. Our fuels are are certified Ready to Burn (below 20% moisture) and are typically much lower - below 15% for Kiln-dried logs and under 10% for ultradry wood briquettes.
Making fuel sustainable

Through our environmental partner, Hometree, 1% of every purchase helps regenerate and conserve woodland in Ireland, once 75% covered in native species.

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1% of every purchase you make helps support valuable environmental & social projects in Ireland.
The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide.
Ready to Burn certified wood fuels with a moisture content below 20%. These logs burn more efficiently and reduce environmental impact.