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Organic BBQ Charcoal

For delicious BBQs at home or work 🫕

Transform your BBQ experience with our Organic BBQ Charcoal! Our charcoal is made from only the finest oak and birch chunks, providing a natural and delicious smoky flavour to your food. Say goodbye to artificial additives and hello to a healthier, more authentic grilling experience.

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We have recently moved to Ireland from South Africa, where we were spoiled with great wood and charcoal for barbeque (Braai). I have been searching and trying all kinds of local replacements but could not find any that satisfy until now. My search is over! The charcoal burns with almost no smoke, and no, there is no taste or smell transferred to the meat.
— Gerhard (customer)


Introducing Oak & Birch Lumpwood, the all-natural hardwood charcoal that takes your BBQ game to the next level! It delivers consistent burn and intense heat for grilling, smoking, and roasting meat, fish, and veggies. You can choose from a blend of oak or birch wood, which adds a smoky flavour to your food, making it taste authentic. Moreover, it's eco-friendly, sustainable, and free from harmful chemicals or additives, ensuring your food remains safe and healthy!

To use lumpwood for your barbecue, follow these simple steps: 1. Start by cleaning the grates of your barbecue grill to ensure that there is no residue left from the previous use. 2. Place a few handfuls of lumpwood charcoal on the bottom of your barbecue grill. You can light the charcoal using a chimney starter or a lighter. 3. Once the charcoal has started to turn white and ash over (usually after 15-20 minutes), use a pair of tongs to spread it evenly across the bottom of the grill. 4. Now, it's time to add your food to the grill. Place the food on the grates directly above the charcoal and adjust the heat as needed. 5. Remember to watch your food as it cooks and turn it regularly to ensure it cooks evenly. 6. Once your food is perfectly cooked, carefully remove it from the grill using tongs and serve. 7. Finally, once your barbecue has cooled, dispose of the used lumpwood charcoal safely and responsibly.

Store lumpwood in a dry, well-ventilated area away from heat and flames. Use a container with a tight-fitting lid or stack it neatly on a shelf. Keep it away from moisture and don't overload your storage area.

Contents comply with the Air Pollution Act Regulations. Registration No. F0087–01.


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