The New Generation

Produced from 100% recovered bypass from sustainable sources, wood briquettes are warmer, cleaner, and better for the earth and air.

I was tired of the messy peat briquettes we had been using and wanted something more eco friendly and thankfully I came across EcoFuel. The PiniKay Heat logs are a great, clean and consistent burner. I use them in our open fire and they give off great heat.

Tony, Dublin

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Easy to light. Smokeless. Low ash.

Ultradry for a warmer, cleaner fire and cleaner air

ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes. 960kg Pallet - ECOFUEL™
The Original


Loved and endorsed by our early ECOFUEL™ patrons, EcoBriquettes are our first & original Wood Briquettes. Made of 100% reclaimed hardwood, the EcoBriquettes will light up quickly and warm your room instantly. Zero plastic packaging.
Ecofuel Pinikay Heat Logs
Zero packaging

PiniKay Briquettes

ECOFUEL™ Pinikay are very dense and long-burning heat logs made of 100% Oak and Beech sawdust from sawmill byproduct waste. The logs are assembled in packaging-free bale for less waste and are easy to store and handle.

100% recovered sawdust

All natural. All hardwood. No additives.

Wood briquette collection

ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes - ECOFUEL™
ecofuel ecobriquettes 2023
Ecofuel Pinikay Heat Logs
ECOFUEL™ PiniKay Heat Logs -
ECOFUEL™ PiniKay Heat Logs. Pallet of 96 bales - ECOFUEL™
€880.00 EUR €1,152.00 EUR
ECOFUEL™ PiniKay Heat Logs. 960kg Pallet
Save €272.00 EUR
ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes. 960kg Pallet - ECOFUEL™
€880.00 EUR €1,120.00 EUR
ECOFUEL™ EcoBriquettes. 960kg Pallet
Save €240.00 EUR

Ecobriquettes are amazing and produce a fraction of the ash of peat briquettes. I used to clear out the ash every day - now this will be a task for every 7 to 10 days… saving a lot of hassle!!

Eoin, Rathfarnham

Making fuel sustainable

Carbon Neutral & Sustainable

Made from 100% hardwood sawdust from sustainable sources.

Preserve our peatlands

Switching from peat to wood briquettes isn't just better for the planet. It's just better. Full stop.

Very happy with the pinikay heat logs. They produce very good heat and last for a long time. Excellent mix with the kiln dried oak. So overall I am very happy that I have switched over from peat briquettes which was all I ever used in the past in my stove.

Kevin, Moycullen

1% of every purchase you make helps support valuable environmental & social projects in Ireland.
The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide.
Ready to Burn certified wood fuels with a moisture content below 20%. These logs burn more efficiently and reduce environmental impact.