The (not so) secret ingredient behind Ireland's favourite pizzas

“After 2 weeks using the logs for me its really been a game changer.

The consistency of the heat produced and the flames makes my job so much easier. Before I had to poke at the fire all the time to make sure I could keep the right temp, as some the timber wasn’t dry enough or the logs sizes were irregular.

I don’t have these issues anymore as soon as the temp starts dropping a little I throw in a new log and I'm good to go for 45min without having to worry about anything but the pizzas.

I've noticed as well that with a constant temperature my pizzas come out beautifully 100% of the time.


“More consistent than anything I’ve tried before.”

I tried a lot of suppliers before I discovered these and they’re more consistent than anything I’ve tried before. The size is perfect for controlling the heat and it’s much easier to get a higher flame. You can even break them into smaller pieces if you need to get the oven fired up quickly.


Inspired by tradition

On arriving in Naples, Queen Margherita of Savoy & King Umberto I invited Rafaele Esposito, Napoli’s most esteemed pizza maker to prepare dinner. Deeming the traditional garlic topping to be unfit for royalty, Esposito created a pizza topped simply with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil — the red, white, and green of the Italian flag. The year was 1889.

Made for Obsessives

Forno1889® presents

... a video series showcasing Ireland's dedicated pizza obsessives.

Product of Italy

Produced sustainably from 100% Beech wood sawdust. Especially designed for cooking. All organic. No additives.

Companies today have both the obligation and opportunity to be a force for good. From responsible sourcing, reducing packaging and replanting native Irish woodland, we're here to make great fuel sustainable.

Forno1889® briquettes are certified as Ready to Burn fuel and have been tested to BS ISO 17255-3 standards, which verify that the raw materials used in making the briquettes are 100% clean, chemically untreated virgin wood.
We joined 1% for the Planet in the summer of 2023 because we wanted to do something about the state of the Irish wilderness, once covered in 80% forest. Now, working with our new ecological partner, Hometree, we've adopted our first or many acres of their Wild Atlantic Rainforest Project.
Forno1889® is made of 100% FSC® certified materials. When you purchase FSC-labelled products, you’re helping forests and the communities who rely on them. Our FSC® certificate number is SGSCH-COC-140013.
We've been a Sedex member since 2021. Sedex membership supports businesses in their journey towards ethical and sustainable sourcing practices by providing tools, resources, and connections to drive positive change throughout the supply chain.

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