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1% for the Planet

All together for the planet - mountain image

We're on a mission to be the best company we can be.

Through our products, we want to show how much we care. Through our service, we want to make you feel that we care what we do! 

1% for the Planet is our answer.

By joining, we want to go above and beyond with our commitment to Earth and our community, and now, more than ever, actions matter more than words.

Why 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet was founded on the idea that a company has a responsibility to give back for using the planet’s resources.

20 years on, $500m in certified giving, 5700+ organizations (15 in Ireland) and 6300+ Environmental partners (7 in Ireland) have come together to make a change.

As we make our 1% for the Planet journey, we promise to take you with us and keep you updated with our donations and behind-the-scenes stories.