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City Bag® Kiln Dried Birch Firewood

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Birch can often be described as ‘’Picture Perfect’’, and the City Bag® has become synonymous with convenience and premium quality. The Silver Birch logs come kiln-dried below 18% moisture, are hand-packed, and are ready to burn.

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My last delivery was Kiln Dried Birch, and they burn like a dream in my multi-fuel burner. Love the fact that Ecofuel takes back the empty City Bags, and you get to earn Eco Coins too!
— Nuala (customer)


Kiln-dried Birch logs are energy-efficient smokeless fuel and can produce an average of 4.80 kWh/kg. The moisture content for our kiln-dried wood ranges between 12% to 15% and is under the Government recommended level of 25%. The ash content or residue left is less than 1%.

Birch logs, like other hardwoods, can be used in all types of solid fuel appliances, including traditional fireplaces and outdoor fire pits and are energy-efficient smokeless fuel. For quick and easy lighting, we recommend you use kindling & 1pc of Waxies.

City Bag® of Birch Logs hand-packed can weigh up to 100kg. The logs are a consistent length of 25cm. As this is a natural product, the diameter can vary from 7 - 15cm. The unfilled bag dimensions of the City Bag® are (H)90cm x 50cm x 50cm.

To maintain the quality of the logs and ensure the firewood continuous to light up efficiently throughout the bag, we recommend storing the City Bag in a dry location only.

These Birch logs are sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. To promote the Reuse & Recycle and to reduce packaging waste, we accept returns of the empty City Bag® to be re-used in our refiling.

Contents comply with the Air Pollution Act Regulations. Registration No. F0087–01.

Woodsure Ready To Burn certified. Company ID: WS5550.

BS EN ISO 17225-3:2021 Certified.


Making fuel Sustainable

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