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Normandy Beech Wood Briquettes

€15.00 EUR

or €1.25 per KG

‘’ A quality product that burns great. Used them in our Ooni Pizza oven. They got it up to temp in no time and continued to burn ‘’ said Cathal.

    Each of our products is natural, but the octagonal-shaped Normandy Briquettes are explicitly designed with food safety and cooking in mind. Made of 100% virgin Beechwood sawings, the sawdust in the briquette does not include recycled wood. The chefs swear by them because they get to and stay at the high temperatures and do not roll in the oven or leave a mess behind. We are not pizza chefs, but we know how important the fuel can be for creating that perfect Pizza Neapolitan experience.

    From recyclable packaging to raw materials in the manufacturing process, the Normandy Briquettes are made from wood shavings that are processed on a single site sawmill and can be traced back to the forests of origin.

    This product comes PEFC certified.

    PEFC stands for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification” and is a global non-profit organization that works on promoting transparency for users and purchasers of wood-based products and can be assured that they are buying wood from sustainably managed forests.

    The energy output produced from Normandy Briquettes is 4.89 kWh/kg.
    The moisture content ranges between 6 - 8%.
    The ash content at 550°C is 0.5%.

    The Normandy Briquettes are designed and made for use in wood-fired ovens, including traditional Napoletian pizza ovens. This doesn’t prohibit the use in domestic solid fuel appliances, fireplaces and fire pits.

    You can light the briquette by using nothing but a few kindling sticks and 1pc of our WaxiSticks natural firelighters.

    There are 6 x beech briquettes in a 12kg box, and they're easy to store at 37cm x 27cm x 19.5cm. The briquettes are 26cm long and 10cm in diameter. The octagonal shape ensures the briquettes don’t roll when in use, making it easy to work with wood-fired ovens.

    Normandy Briquettes are easy to handle and store and require a weatherproof and dry environment for safe storage. Any direct contact with water or high humidity for a long extended period will result in the loss or reduced output of the product.

    As a result of improper storage, the Normandy Briquettes may expand and lose their density, resulting in a faster burning rate than average.

    Making fuel sustainable

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