Phoenix Firepit - The Hellfire

Low Smoke, Easy To Setup

There's no such thing as a smokeless firepit, but this comes very close. Designed and manufactured in Ireland, The Hellfire is our larger Phoenix firepit, crafted in stainless steel. It produces low smoke and will be a great addition to your outdoor space. 

€269.00 EUR

When we surveyed ECOFUEL™ customers about their biggest problems with other fire pits, there were 3 big issues! How to get rid of nuisance smoke? How to reduce the amount of ash? It's hard to clean!  The Phoenix is engineered to solve all 3 of these problems with firepits in Ireland: 1. The clever secondary burn airflow reduces smoke. 2. Used with quality Ecofuel firewood and briquettes, you'll get a better flame with less ash. 3. Less ash means less cleaning.

The Phoenix Fire uses an ingenious secondary burn system to reduce smoke. The convection draws in more air to reignite the small particles and turns the smoke into a gorgeous flame.

It combines perfectly with Ecofuel's kiln-dried firewood or ultradry wood briquettes to give a great flame with hardly any smoke or ash to clean up. To ensure the cleanest possible burn, keep the kiln-dried log level below the secondary air burn holes.

It's compact, so it's perfect for the patio or camping. It's also easy to store and easy to transport. Dimensions Height = 28cm Diameter = 46cm Extra Legs = 10cm Weight = 4KG

Before removing ash, please ensure your Fire is fully extinguished and cold, with no burning embers. The cool-down period of this Fire will change depending on fuel conditions, ash content, number of hours burning and weather conditions. Always remember hot and cooling ashes can be a fire hazard. This Fire can remain very hot for up to 4 hours after use. Please do not touch it or empty the ashes until after this period, when you are confident it has thoroughly cooled down. Please make sure you wear cut-level five gloves. Waste should be disposed of with a galvanised steel or metal ash pan or bucket that can be sealed to collect all the unwanted ash from the Fire, or bring your cooled Fire to your designated area for ashes and empty. Wood ash can be used in compost as it is suitable for the ground. Ensure you have removed all ash from under the removable grate.


Making fuel Sustainable

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