Sustainability Certification: What It Means, Why We Bother

Sustainability Certification: What It Means, Why We Bother

May 28, 2021Leanne Conroy

You’re here because you care about how we source our wood, which is great. After all, we really care about how we source our wood and wood (I tried, I couldn’t resist the pun) love to tell you about it!

So to start with, what do you know about the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)?

Maybe lots, maybe not so let’s go for the basics!

The FSC is a global non-profit organisation that guides responsible management of the world's forests and provides an internationally recognised certification to show when forests that supply the products you buy are managed sustainably and responsibly.


An FSC stamp of approval shows that care and consideration for our planet's natural resources have been implemented and that the forests used have been managed in a way that is entirely legal (you wouldn’t believe some of the shady stuff that can go on), protects the biodiversity and ecosystems in the area, respects indigenous peoples land rights and ownership, and promotes conservation and reforestation amongst loads of other stuff.

Getting FSC certification for your products is no small feat and once you get it you are monitored and reviewed regularly so standards don’t slip. It’s serious business and thusly it’s the only way we do business when we source products!

So now you know what it means, why we bother is an easy one isn’t it? 

We only sell products that come from FSC managed forests or are made from FSC sourced materials because we give a s#!t about being responsible in our supply chain to make the world a better place. It’s super simple stuff really!


Our firewood range is sourced from the forests of Latvia. Here forestry is a staple to their economy, and they are leaders in sustainably managed forestry. So it’s a simple choice for us to use suppliers who share our beliefs on forest management and environmental responsibility.

Our wood briquette range is all sourced from suppliers who are FSC or PEFC certified, the wood that goes into these products is a bypass or recycled wood on it’s a second life, so it’s already being repurposed but knowing it originates from managed forests gives us all the good vibes that as a business we’re doing everything we can to help the world.

Also, if all the materials that go into your products have to be stringently managed, you know that they are the best quality available. This means our products are made from the best materials available see where I’m going with this!

So if you see our boxes with an FSC logo or see on our product descriptions that they’re forest friendly, this is what we mean.

Speaking of our boxes...we also get them from FSC certified suppliers. If you're gonna do something, it's better to whole ass it instead of half-assing, isn't it?


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