Tiny Changes: Goodbye Plastic

Tiny Changes: Goodbye Plastic

May 21, 2021Leanne Conroy

You may have thought to yourself lately, “EcoFuel haven’t done anything to improve the sustainability of their supply chain in ages!” and I guess that would be fair to say on the surface.

Yeah, we swapped out our plastic wrap for a biodegradable version, and yeah, we’ve made cardboard pallet lids to reduce the amount of plastic our pallets even need. But we haven’t been keeping you up to date with what we’re working on in the background, and that is our bad.

If you’re a longstanding EcoFuel customer (and I highly recommend being one!), you might be familiar with these guys from our product range.

EcoFuel Net Bags Kiln Dried Firewood              EcoFuel Kindling


Here’s our handy Net Bags of Kiln Dried Firewood and our Kiln Dried Kindling...what do they have in common, besides, of course, their excellent quality…

They come in plastic packaging, which, as you may know, we are waging war on.

So instead of just going along with plastic for the sake of convenience, we’re working behind the scenes to swap out our packaging for options better for the earth.

First up…

Instead of our Net Bags for small orders of wood, we’re replacing the bags with reusable Jute bags. You’ll still get the same volume of excellent quality wood, but this bag can be filled again and again or used for your weekly shop, entirely up to you!

We’re working on the perfect dimensions right now, but this is a little sneaky peek of what we’re planning.

EcoFuel Net Bag Tiny Changes


Our Kindling is getting the EcoBriquettes treatment and moving to their very own cardboard boxes! We’re working with Smurfit Kappa to produce boxes made from FSC sourced materials that can be easily stored right by your fireplace, so it’s exactly where you need it when you need it.

EcoFuel Tiny Changes Kindling

We’ll keep you posted on our progress, but we hope you’re as excited as we are to say goodbye to plastic!

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