Concierge Delivery Charges (The Final Forty Feet)

Dec 22, 2019Marc Eglon

We’re really proud of the feedback we get for our delivery service. Nobody wants the hassle of carting 100kg of logs so we do whatever we can to take care of this when we deliver.

We might drive 200km with your delivery, but what matters most to us is what we call ‘the final forty feet’ between our van and wherever you store your firewood.

Anyone can deliver a bag of firewood to your drive or garden gate but then what are you supposed to do with a 100kg CityBag of logs?

Unpack it by hand and carry it yourself, log by log?

We solve this with our Concierge Delivery. We deliver by hand to your shed or garage. Basically wherever we can access with our trolley.

This means running our own fleet of vans, large enough to carry tons of wood around the country, but small and nimble enough to negotiate Ireland’s small country roads and weave through the busy city traffic and narrow driveways.

It means employing our own delivery team who are prepared to hand-deliver your firewood right into your outhouse. We’ve tried using couriers before but we just couldn’t get them to care enough.

We just couldn’t find a courier who would go that extra forty foot that matters.

So this is where we’re investing our efforts.

Concierge Delivery pricing is simple...

EUR 14.99 for orders up to EUR 99.99 and

EUR 19.99 for orders of EUR 100 or more.

Everything from ordering online to assigning a 1-hour delivery slot is about convenience. Now we’re working to extend that by thinking about the final forty feet and hand-delivering your firewood to its final home.

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