Sustainability Starts With Community

Sustainability Starts With Community

Dec 20, 2019Leanne Conroy

Sustainability is about being more conscious of our environmental impact. But it’s not just about reducing plastic, consuming less, or saving energy. There’s a much more important part of our environment that we overlook… It’s us, the people.

We live in a society of abundance. But our economic engine creates drastic inequality and the poorest are left further and further behind. Hundreds of people and families in Galway this Christmas are homeless or in danger of homelessness. Nobody chose to be there. This is unsustainable.

American writer Pearl Buck once said “the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members”.



We have an opportunity to make up for the flaws in ‘the system’ and help those less fortunate. We’re all in this together. Society isn’t a big abstract idea… it’s us!

This Christmas we want to help the Galway Simon Community in supporting these vulnerable people and families. We are offering €1,000 in vouchers for firewood to be raffled off to generous supporters who donate at least €5 to the Galway Simon Community. All proceeds go straight to the Galway Simon Community to directly support people at risk of homelessness to get back on their feet.


You can donate to the Galway Simon Community now through our JustGiving fundraiser page by clicking here. Every cent raised will go directly to the Galway Simon Community Essentials Fund, which directly benefits those who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Providing them with essential items like heating, food and clothing.

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