Our Plastic Free Message

Jul 06, 2022Janis Vitols

It’s great to see movements like Plastic Free July winning the attention it deserves and creating awareness for millions worldwide on how to live a life free of single-use plastics best. Sure, it sounds easier than done, especially when it comes to changing old habits, but what it means is it’s time for commerce and companies (us) to change how we do business to give the consumers (you) much better options to go with.


More positive changes are happening today where customers have an even more excellent opportunity to use their buying powers to leave a positive impact on the environment. For brands today, small or big, it’s no longer enough to be good or shine in one area and leave massive consequences in others. Leaving mountains of non-recyclable plastic waste in the ground it’s hardly a success but a guaranteed loss for future generations. Our wallets, or taps if you prefer, remain the most powerful tool, and it’s your way of a vote or demand for change. After all, there is hope left and let’s continue to support brands that do more and plant the seeds for others to follow.


plastic free ecofuel


July 2022 marks three years since we began our journey at Ecofuel of becoming free of single-use plastics and the apparent start was the packaging. Little by little, we went and redesigned our packaging and implemented new quality control measures and strategies to replace the use of single-use plastic. Where plastic has remained in our operations, we now source biodegradable solutions. We think it’s important to say that any changes take time, effort and investment, but it always starts with the vision. 

We wish you a happy Plastic-Free July, and we hope it turns into 365 days a year of lifestyle.

Janis & Team ECOFUEL.

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