The first five years - in photos

The first five years - in photos

Nov 13, 2019Janis Vitols

Five years in business is a huge milestone that we are absolutely honoured and thrilled to have achieved! When EcoFuel began we were an online startup with an idea and an aspiration to introduce more environmentally fuel to the homes of Galway City.

Now as we ring in the big FIVE we are looking back at the landmark achievements we have hit along the way.

Being a small start-up we did as much as possible ourselves to keep costs low from hanging our signs...


...To building our offices! 


We celebrated every first with a photo and a smiling face because this was the dream becoming reality.


Accepting our first shipments of Kiln Dried firewood and our flagship EcoBriquettes were momentous for us. Looking back, this is when we knew we wanted to be innovative with our products to provide more sustainable options for our customers.

Now on the week of our fifth birthday, we are delighted to be showcasing our newest and most environmentally conscious product to date, the PackagingFree Pinikay Heat Log. It’s made from 100% recovered sawdust and comes with no unnecessary plastic wrappings.


The Pinikay product is the start of a new phase of growth for us in EcoFuel. We have spent five years growing to become one of Ireland's top Kiln Dried firewood suppliers and we want to spend the next honing our product range to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as we can possibly make it.

To our loyal customers who have helped us get to this birthday, Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat. Here's to the next five years!


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