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The launch of Ecofuel charcoal

Apr 18, 2022Marc Eglon
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We're kick starting this BBQ season with some fresh flavours. 

At Ecofuel, our customers know us for our fuel products that make lighting the fire more fun and enjoyable, and nothing passes our bar if it’s not sustainable. Our mission to continue expand our boundaries and master the fire has led us to discover a new world of outdoor cooking and lumpwood charcoal.

Not so long ago, many of us spent our good part of summer under a lockdown, looking out in our back gardens, trying to figure out new engaging activities and trying out new hobbies.

For many, BBQ seemed like a good idea.

It’s the time when our two-year-long experimentation on perfecting the lumpwood charcoal began.

During this time, we get to know and occasionally meet some incredible chefs and people from different backgrounds and learn all things cooking on charcoal and what makes it unique. We discovered early that there was a form of pride and undeniable passion that has gone into the process, and each person has their way of doing it and recipes to share.


''It’s where we started to learn about the culture of cooking on the wood fire.'' - Janis

The obsessives have known that lumpwood is the only way to cook.

And it’s only when you use lumpwood yourself, that you realise the difference.

Our secret is to air-dry the wood before it goes into the kiln. Then it’s roasted in low-oxygen to burn off everything else but pure carbon lumpwood, ready for cooking. You can see the grain and rings in the wood. There’s no smell, petrochemicals, binders, or additives, just chunks of natural alder wood charcoal. 100% organic.

Available to order now.

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