Tiny Changes: Pallet Lids

Tiny Changes: Pallet Lids

Nov 06, 2020Leanne Conroy

So as you may know we’re embarking on some Tiny Changes to make the planet better and to make our customer experience better

So far we’ve spread the love with Wildflower Seed Bombs, introduced new Quality Assurance Tags to show the quality of our product, and we’ve become a WEEE Drop Off point for battery recycling, just some little tweaks to make our services better for us and you!

This week we’ve unveiled our new pallet lids….Tadaaaa!

Sometimes when we are sending our pallets of wood out into the world we need to wrap it in plastic. This protects the wood from the rain and also stops it from falling about during transportation.

We’ve been working with Smurfit Kappa Ireland and the very talented team in Outlier Design to come up with a solution to replace this plastic with something much more environmentally suitable and this is it!


It is made from FSC sourced cardboard, making it sustainably manufactured and also has the handy feature of telling you exactly what you’ve ordered, who packed it, and what the average moisture content is...

Handy right?

We predict that in the next six months using these lids will reduce approximately 3,500m2 of single use plastic from our supply chain which we are super proud of! 

The next step in this process is removing plastic from our third party couriers and while we have a plan in action for this, that’s another story for another Tiny Change!

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