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Kiln Dried Oak Firewood - Double Deck® Pallet

For extra warmth & long burn

Defined for its heritage and reliability, Oak as firewood has been a source of many great stories from the past and has proved to be a reliable source of heat for past and present generations.

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I love this wood ... the best thing? The extremely satisfying melodic click you get when you split a piece with an axe - I do this to make kindling - it sounds like a very expensive percussion instrument ... dry as a bone and throws out a lot of heat.
— Stephen (customer)


Oakwood is described as the slowest burning logs in our kiln-dried selection due to it's natural high density. Kiln-dried below 18% moisture and hand-packed in the 800kg DoubleDeck® crate has become synonymous with excellence, value and premium quality.

Kiln-dried Oak logs are energy-efficient smokeless fuel and can produce an average heat output of 4.80 kWh/kg. The moisture content for our kiln-dried wood ranges between 10 to 15% and is well under the Government recommended level of 25%. The ash content or residue left is less than 1%.

The Oak logs can be used in all types of solid fuel appliances, including traditional fireplaces and fire pits and are energy-efficient smokeless fuel. We recommend using kindling & 1pc of Waxies for quick and easy lighting.

Double Deck is our largest & best-value crate of firewood and can weigh up to 800kg. The logs are a consistent length of 25cm. As this is a natural product, the diameter can vary from 7 - 15cm. The external dimensions of the double-deck crate are (H)1.65m x (W)1.15m x (D)1.05m. Interestingly, the Double Deck® equals the volume of 8 x City Bags®.

Always store your firewood in dry storage. To maintain the quality of the logs and ensure the firewood continues to light and burn efficiently throughout the crate, we recommend storing the Double Deck® in a dry and well-ventilated location only.

These Oak logs are sourced from European sustainably managed forests.

Contents comply with the Air Pollution Act Regulations. Registration No. F0087–01.

Woodsure Ready To Burn certified. Company ID: WS5550.

BS EN ISO 17225-3:2021 Certified.


Making fuel Sustainable

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