Introducing Buyers Club!


What if we work together to unlock the buying power of our whole community and combat rising costs?


What if we work alongside you, rather than selling to you?

That way, when we negotiate pricing with our suppliers, we’re not representing Ecofuel.
We represent our whole community.
Shoulder to shoulder.

Unleashing the power of community!

The thing that makes ECOFUEL™ special is our incredible customers.

By working together as a community, we can secure the best prices on your behalf. We’re not here to make huge profits; just enough to keep the business going for another decade and grow a little each year so we can serve more people, plant more trees, and make fuel sustainable.

Communities Create Critical Mass

By focusing on one product at a time we concentrate all our buying power at once. Communities create critical mass.

The 3 core values of the ECOFUEL™ Buyers Club.

Community, affordability and sustainability.
Unleashing the power of a


Communities can achieve incredible things by creating a sense of togetherness and collaboration. Whether it's a group of neighbours, colleagues, or like-minded individuals from all over the world, a community's strength comes from the talents and perspectives of its members.
If it's good, it needs to be


Nothing upsets us more than having to reason during the coldest months of the year. By leveraging the collective purchasing power of our buyers' club, we negotiate exclusive deals within our supply chain to offer you the lowest prices of the year on our products.
It’s not worth it if it’s not


We're all about caring for our home planet and creating a better future for everyone. That's why we're only offering eco-friendly heating options that are kind to the environment while still delivering top-notch quality and performance.



Full pallet (80 boxes) €695 (web price €795).
Half pallet (40 boxes) €395 (web price €500).
16th Jun 2024.
The first deliveries start on the 1st of July, with final deliveries on the 13th of September 2024.
Reserve a space in the group purchase with a €49 deposit. Fully refundable until 16th Jun 2024.
There are 260 spaces in total. Reservations close when all 260 spaces are filled or on 16th June, whichever is first.

Deal expires in


How it works.

Our short guide into ECOFUEL™ Buyers Club.
If you're a first-time visitor or have been a guest purchaser, start by creating an online account. You can log in if you're an existing customer or have a registered online account. 
To book a spot at the Buyers Club deal, you will need to pay a fully refundable deposit. For the deal to close, we'll require enough spots and a full payment, less the deposit.
After filling the required spots for a Buyers Club deal and paying the remaining balance, you have successfully booked an order. Based on the available timelines for the deal, you can now decide on the delivery week that suits you.
Introducing an exciting new way to shop and save!

Buyers' Club Exclusive

Frequently asked questions

About the ECOFUEL™ Buyers Club

You can't join the club, as there are no membership fees, but you can book a seat at the Buyers Club's spotlight deal.

The Buyers Club deal is a group purchasing offer that we're currently promoting. It includes details like a product, the Buyers Club target price, a delivery timeline, the minimum number of seats required, and the total capacity for the deal.

​For the Buyers' Club deal, only a single product will be available at a time, and we can't know what products will become available at the Buyers Club ahead of time.

The target prices for a Buyers' Club deal need to be lower than the prices in the past three months, and the prices for that product are forecast to increase due to demand or seasonality in the next three to six months.

The booking of the Buyers' Club deal is only confirmed once all the criteria have been met. Your Buyers' Club deal is confirmed only after the Buyers Club's capacity for the deal has been met and a full remaining payment has been made.

You can cancel your Buyers' Club booking and request a full refund of the deposit paid. However, refunds will not be processed after your booking is confirmed and you have made a full payment to book the Buyers' Club deal.

To participate in the group buying and book a spot at The Buyers' Club deal, you must make a fully refundable deposit. Payment methods include secure online options like PayPal or bank transfer.

​If we don't sign up enough interest for the Buyers' Club deal, we'll write to let you know that the deal has failed due to not enough interest and issue you a full refund of the deposit paid.

The booking deposit for a single seat at the Buyers' Club deal is EUR 49 and is fully refundable. T&C Apply.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please email or phone our customer support team. Contact us page.

You can read the full terms and conditions of the ECOFUEL™ Buyers Club on this page.

From a company that has values.

In today's world, companies have a greater responsibility and obligation to comprehend their sourcing practices. They must obtain raw materials or products in a way that reduces environmental impact, upholds social and ethical considerations, and guarantees long-term sustainability for both ecosystems and communities.

FSC® Chain-of-Custody

FSC® Chain-of-Custody

With the FSC® label as the world’s most trusted mark for sustainable forestry, it made every sense for us to become the stewards of the forests, join FSC® as an organisation, and obtain our very own FSC chain-of-custody certification.
Ready To Burn Certified

Ready To Burn Certified

The Ready to Burn mark is used for identifying certified firewood and kindling that have a moisture content of less than 20%. It also applies to accredited wood briquettes that have been tested to BS ISO 17255-3 standards.
We're a Sedex Member

We're a Sedex Member

We've been a Sedex member since 2021. Sedex membership supports businesses in their journey towards ethical and sustainable sourcing practices by providing tools, resources, and connections to drive positive change throughout the supply chain.

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