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ECOFUEL™ Olive Wood BundleBox®

Sun-dried for cooking & heating

Olive wood logs are hard and dense - perfect for high temperature cooking and heating.

Olive Wood is a natural byproduct from olive groves where branches are pruned to produce stronger trees and trees are replaced to improve the olive yield. This practice has been refined over centuries. We then dry the wood naturally in the baking Spanish sun before hand-packing the logs neatly into a beautiful 100% recyclable cardboard box. It's a labour of love.

Occasionally, Olive wood may contain small holes from bugs that are long gone before packing the logs. The barrenillo del olivo bug only affects green-cut olive wood not treated with pesticides. Once the wood is dry, the bug leaves it and won’t affect any other type of wood. The holes make the olive wood unsuitable for anything else, but it still makes excellent natural firewood. 
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I won't use any other wood fuel seller. Ecofuel only sells the best, bone-dry firewood. I recently bought a few cases of their olive wood bundles; the wood is cut to the perfect size for my fireplace, there is no popping or sparking due to trapped moisture, the logs burn hot and long. On top of the wood quality, the logs have been responsibly sourced which is important to me. EcoFuel lives up to their name!
— Cyn M. (customer)


For wood-burning stoves and inserts. Always use a fireguard for open fires. Suitable for cooking.

100% cardboard packaging, 25L box, hand-packed.

Store in a dry place

Sourced from sustainably managed olive groves, where trees are pruned or replanted to improve the olive harvest. Olive wood is a little different from our other logs because it's a natural byproduct of regenerative agriculture. This means that the controls in place are from agriculture rather than forestry.

The main organisation that controls the standards and regulation is called P.A.C. – Politica Común Agraria – The common agricultural policy, which is controlled by the Europe Commission. For example, a 2023 law prohibits pruning pruning from March to August to protect wildlife, especially migratory birds.

Each autonomous community in Spain also has its own government and its own laws concerning agriculture issued by the Consejeria de Agricultura, Pesca, Agua y Desarrollo rural.

Contents comply with the Air Pollution Act Regulations. Registration No. F0087–01.

Woodsure Ready To Burn certified. Company ID: WS5550.


Making fuel Sustainable

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