The Strength of Community – Launching ECOFUEL™ Buyers' Club!

The Strength of Community – Launching ECOFUEL™ Buyers' Club!

May 22, 2024Janis Vitols

What if there was a better way?

One of the best parts of working as a team is that we frequently challenge each other and ask ourselves whether our actions are the best and most effective way to serve our customers. This is how we concluded that no matter how well our system runs, there is always room for improvement, especially when building things from the ground up and being innovative in many ways.

The idea of group buying might sound like something other than the latest innovation. Still, it sure is in Ireland and our industry, where people shop independently from their local fuel supplier.

By asking if there is a better way often or not involves challenging the status quo, especially when coal still makes the national headlines, we know we need to think differently. That's why we are launching new initiatives, such as a Buyers' Club, where our main focus is putting communities at the centre and working towards common goals of making fuel more sustainable, accessible, and affordable.


Why the Buyers' Club?

The supply chains are complex, the storage is expensive, and let’s be honest, we don’t know how many stocks we need to procure until you come to us. We could turn around and say we just want to make our operations more efficient. Still, in reality, we’re living in an era of high inflation where costs are rising constantly and often or not, we forget how sustainability is more important than ever.

By launching ECOFUEL™ Buyers' Club, we just want to work smarter, but what we’re doing is empowering you to take control. By working alongside you, we’re pooling our resources and leveraging our collective buying power so you can secure the best prices on our fuel products, putting the power of affordability and sustainability in your hands.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind The Buyers' Club is straightforward. We launch an individual Buyers’ Club deal for a product in high demand but also has a high chance of signing up enough interest for the group purchase. Most importantly, we need to negotiate within our supplychain where by buying specific volumes, we can deliver and unlock additional savings to you.

A simple yet powerful concept.

The Buyers Club deals open and close throughout the year, offering a specific product at a target price—the lowest in the past three months. They are activated when enough members book seats, ensuring we all benefit from unbeatable prices.

The Power of Community.

By joining the Buyer's Club, you're not just saving money but becoming part of a community that values sustainability and mutual support. It's about positively impacting our environment and fostering a sense of unity. This initiative is a testament to what we can achieve together.

A Vision for the Future.

Our vision for the Buyers' Club is about more than just us. We aim to create a model that inspires change across industries—a model where community strength and shared vision lead to better service and sustainable practices. If we succeed, the ECOFUEL™ Buyers' Club could ignite similar initiatives across various sectors, transforming how businesses engage with their communities.

To Make Fuel Sustainable, Start with Great Fuel.

At ECOFUEL™, we know that sustainability starts with the quality of our products. We've reduced the moisture content in our kiln-dried logs so they burn more efficiently, reducing smoke and improving air quality. Our most sustainable product, EcoBriquettes, is engineered from wood waste with single-digit moisture levels, providing enormous energy output.

The secret is simple: sustainability and performance go hand in hand.

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