Covid 19 Update: Shared insights into our supply chain.

Covid 19 Update: Shared insights into our supply chain.

Mar 14, 2020Janis Vitols

First published, 14th March 2020.

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Transparency and openness are what's required at this minute from businesses, suppliers and producers to ensure the supply chains of ''home essentials'' remain strong and are continuing to operate under current circumstances.

First, every of our customer deserves to know the truth on the supply situation for household essentials, and we think our fuels are one of them. I can't tell you what the future holds for our supply chains. Still, as a rather small but efficient organisation, we are taking immediate action to ensure deliveries at our warehouses doesn't stop.

It would probably sound like a lie if I tell you that we were all prepared in advance, our stocks levels were at the height of our peak season, and that the Coronavirus would never arrive in Ireland. 
In short, no, we were not ready at all, but we want to let you know that we are doing all we can to continue to keep your beloved family members all warm.

You can read our opening statement first published on 13th March here.

What are the supply chain actions we are taking right now?

  • Continued ECOFUEL delivery service.

Our delivery service will continue to operate as usual. We believe deliveries, in general, could be a game-changer to help to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus in our communities while continuing serving our customers in the safest and best possible way.

  • The quickest route to the warehouse.

While we will keep re-stocking all our products, we have made a group decision to focus on the speed of our supply chain to our warehouse solely. What does that mean? It means to ensure we don't run out of fuel or have long waiting time we will keep stocking up the products that have the largest production capacity at this moment and have the fastest delivery cycle from production to our distribution.

  • Sold-out products back-in-stock dates.

To help you plan your fuel purchase, all our sold-out products will have back in stock information available on the product page of the product. The re-stock data provided will be as accurate as possible, and this will help you to decide either wait for the return of fuels in stock or to buy our other fuels that are in-stock and are available for home delivery right away.

As frequently as needed, our team will evaluate all our stock levels and will keep the online store updated with the up to date information of our supply chain.

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