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EcoFamily Week

EcoFamily week.
Triple rewards + new ways to earn.

To show thanks to our amazing community of customers, we are introducing our first-ever EcoFamily week.

    What's EcoFamily? It's the name of our incredible rewards program, but most of all, it's a thriving Ecofuel community, so if you haven’t joined yet, you can start here, and we’ll reward you with our 500 bonus Eco Coins after you join.

    celebrating ecofamily week

    To all our EcoFamily members, who have supported us over the years, we now get to do something a bit more special for you. We also get to work on something we can put our hearts into.

    Something we care about!

    That's why we started EcoFamily a couple of years ago... to thank you for being in this with us.

    But we want to do more (we always do).

    So from 14th to 20th February this year, we are calling it EcoFamily Week, where we're increasing the rewards you get for shopping with us.

    And we're adding new ways to earn EcoCoins when you follow us on 'the socials'.

    On EcoFamily Week:

    1. Triple EcoCoins for purchases: 3 EcoCoins for every €1 spent.
    2. 100 EcoCoins for following our social accounts: 100 for each channel (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
    3. 100 EcoCoins for sharing a specific post on Facebook. We’ll create a post announcing EcoFamily Week.

    You can always see the current rewards available inside the EcoFamily widget on our website.

    It all kicks off on 14th February.

    That's Valentine's day!

    How appropriate :)

    Love our products very much? Then why not invite friends and earn rewards. They’ll get a €10 discount to spend within 30 days, and you'll receive a €10 voucher when they do.


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