Find Us In B&Q

Find Us In B&Q

Oct 21, 2021Leanne Conroy

We’ve been keeping a secret the past couple of months…

It’s all we’ve been talking about in our Ops, Sales, and Marketing meetings behind the scenes and FINALLY we get to share it with everyone!


During the Summer the fab team in B&Q reached out to us to discuss working together. They’re making a move away from peat products and thought our sustainably sourced wood briquettes would be an ideal option...and we completely agreed

So for the past couple of months we have been tipping away, crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s, to bring this launch into reality.

From the spreadsheet and logistics side of things to the much more fun design aspects things have been all go!


And it's not just the excitement we're feeling in taking this massive step as a business...of course we are delighted that the company we've grown over the past 7 years has gone from small online seller to nationwide retail with a household name like B&Q


We've also been pushed to do better and be better...


We're now apart of the globally recognised Sedex platform organisation which helps businesses across the world to source ethical suppliers and manage their supply chain in the  most sustainable and ethical manner


We've also been pushed to improve our internally and we can now say with absolute confidence, our ops game is on point!


This week John and Gennady have been travelling the country delivering POS units for store display to…

Liffey Valley, Dublin

Swords, Dublin




And Cork

And as of Friday 22nd of October our PiniKay and EcoBriquette products will be available to purchase in B&Q Stores across the country

So if our Galway and Dublin Ware+Stores are a little out of the way for you, pop into your local B&Q to get your EcoFuel fix

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