Our Big Galway Move

Our Big Galway Move

Oct 07, 2021Leanne Conroy

So you may have heard a little bit about us moving our HQ…

In 2014 we started our EcoFuel journey from the Ballybane Industrial Estate, it was just Janis and George driving all over the country and delivering our message of sustainability...look at their little baby faces!!

Over the past (nearly) 7 years our business has grown -you may have caught wind of our Dublin store that opened last year- but so has our team

From these two guys….

...to all of these guys!

And we’ve even picked up a few extra since this was taken only a couple of weeks ago!

(Hi Jessica, Stephen, and Kevin! 👋)

To accommodate all of this change we needed a new and revamped office and warehouse, and from here the move begins!

We took down our trusty prefab…


Emptied out our first home...


(Unfortunately it wasn't quite that easy)

And drove it all across the city to our new location in Unit 7 Millers Hall, Knocknacarra


It wasn’t much to look at when we first went to check it out

But with a lick of paint


A few shelves


And a little teamwork along the way

Working on The Warehouse 

We’ve made a big difference!




And now that our remodel is finally finished and our doors are open we can't wait to welcome our loyal (and oh so lovely customers) to visit us in our new home!

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