Ecofuel team Wildlands Moycullen, Galway, Ireland

Hey EcoFamily, This One's For You

Sep 10, 2021Janis Vitols

Hey, EcoFamily!
It's was good to see you all again!

What a beautiful memories and thank you to you all for taking part in our team building event. I have to admit that Zip 'n' Trek was challenging in some parts but rewarding and a lot of fun. Almost the ethos of Ecofuel.

(Special thanks to our own Leanne for organizing the event, the amazing chef John Relihan for our after party dinner and Wildlands team for hosting our brilliant and ''height's excited'' team).

(John, our operations manager, excited to be next in line 🤣). 

The world has gone through some very turbulent times in the past 18 months, and while we were all busy with our sustainability mission, it's hard to imagine that 14 months have passed since our last full team gathering.

Yes, the technology kept us connected and helped our business running. Still, I think many of you will agree no Google or any other video call will ever manage to replace the human to human connection, but it doesn't mean meeting online can be unproductive.   

It's also great to see the EcoFamily is growing, and in the past months, we welcomed new members to the Ecofuel team. Artur, Julieta, John, welcome to EcoFamily and Anthony and Guntis welcome back to! 

I love our new team photo, but we are missing a few! (Thanks, Ziggy!) 

Ecofuel team building event HQ

It's hard for me to summarize last week's team gathering in a few words, but it was something special and something I look forward to repeating in the very near future!


This one's for you, John!

No good party goes without nummy food, and Marc & Leanne knew exactly who to reach out to. Our fantastic friend and amazing chef, John Relihan! (Thank you, John, for keeping us full and wow, what an incredible BBQ experience and ​​chats by fire). 

 John Relihan Ecofuel team building event

Oh, yes.. that ribeye steak and Honey Chicken. I still can't get over how juicy and tasty it was, and from the Ecofuel team, we wish you all the best with your incredible project, Hungry For Culture! John, you're so honest and passionate about food, and it truly resonated with the team and me. 

It was so much fun! 

Massive thanks to everyone,

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