Our Dublin Journey...

Our Dublin Journey...

Sep 11, 2020Leanne Conroy

So if you've been keeping up to date with us you may have heard that we've EXPANDED TO DUBLIN! 

We're just a little excited about it!

So to commemorate our journey to Dublin we've popped together some of the highlights of the project so far...enjoy!


This summer Unit 28 Orion Business Park became the newest location in the EcoFamily 

And who better is there to look after it than the lovely Gennady...

You probably recognise Gennady from our Galway store, or as the friendly face dropping off your orders for the past year or so. Well now he's running the show in Dublin and looking after our East Coast customers!

Dana of Black Fox Interiors is the one making our vision come to life...

...and we love what she came up with!

In our hearts we are all about sustainability and reusing where we can so Dana centered our design around reusing the pallets we have left over from our firewood

Getting our name over the door was such a big step in the process for us...

...because there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing it for the first time

With the outside looked after it's time to start looking after the inside! That means bringing in our toys...


...and stocking up!



Getting the construction work started was the next big step for us so we dove headfirst into all things stud walls and power tools!

The work went really fast...


...like really fast!



And before you know it things are nearly finished!


We in particular love our repurposed cash desk, a lick of paint, some ply board and a set of wheels and she's ready to go!

Now we're fully stocked, nearly finished with our revamp and 100% ready to send some pallets to good homes!

We wanted to invite you all to our opening but with things as they are we’ve decided safety is more important than face to face celebration

Instead we’re planning some little surprise treats for our customers and EcoFamily members so watch this space for updates!!

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