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Tiny Changes: We're Going Paper Free

Jan 22, 2021Leanne Conroy

If you're keeping up to date with all things EcoFuel then you know the drill at this point!

If not here's a quick recap: we're making changes internally and for our customers to make the world a better place through a series of Tiny Changes!

We’ve done QA Tags to show you the quality of your wood, Wild Flower Seed Bombs to bring some food to the bees, and we became a WEEE Drop Off location. We've also introduced new Pallet Lids and Biodegradable Plastic to our packaging so we can reduce the amount of single-use plastic we put out into the world!

Our latest challenge: Going Paper-Free!

In the past we used to organise our deliveries by planning out the routes and printing each order for the driver so they know what to drop off to you.

This worked perfectly well and got the job done with no hassle, however, we're not about the "if it's not broke, why fix it?" mentality. If we were, we'd be selling coal. Am I right?

In the background we've been working with an app developer to bring our whole delivery system off paper and on to phones and tablets that our customer service team use to plan out your orders and our drivers use to ensure you're getting exactly what you ordered when you need it!

This is working so well that it's been rolled out to all our drivers at the start of the month and is helping us to achieve our ambitions of being the most sustainable company we possibly can!

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